What a day to be alive.  My name is Joshua Kemnitz and I come from the beautiful state of Colorado.  I was born in 1995, but I was not supposed to be born.  I want to start out telling you why I think this is a wonderful day to be alive.  See my mother was told I was going to be born with spina bifida and that I was not going to have a life worth living.  I was supposed to be born with a whole in my back or in my stomach.  I mother was told she was selfish and she was not thinking of me, she was only thinking of herself.  My father and mother lived day by day standing that they would take me however God gave me to them.  I am so grateful my parents loved God the way they did.  Since my parents did not want to follow the dr. advice the doctor’s then told them I probably would not live past 16, if I made it to 16.  I don’t know about anyone else but I cannot imagine the hurt inside my parents to make this decision and stick with it.  But again I am so blessed to be alive.  This is the beginning of my life, the doctors where right in some ways I did end up with medical problems.  I was at 5 years old diagnosed with sleep apnea (central).  I was diagnosed with Hoshimoto’s disease which manifested psoriasis, if that was not enough at the age of 16 I was diagnosed with cancer.  The way I see it is Satan did not want me out here sharing God’s word because he knew I was growing every step of the way learning how to lean on my God.  These were challenging things God allowed in my life in order that I would learn unequivocally God is in control.  This was not as easy as it sounds because as of today I still am learning all things come through God. I grew up in a Christian home with a father that taught me how to be a man, a grandfather that taught me what kind of husband I want to be in just one action.  What action you ask?  My grandmother (my father’s mom) past away in November 2014 10 days after my grandfather on my mother’s side.  As the paramedics brought my grandmother out of her home, they were passing in front of my grandfather.  He stopped her uncovered her face and kissed her good bye.  That is a love I pray I have one day.  Back to my story, my mother home schooled me and my sport, karate!  I loved it I did everything I could to be good.  I went to tournaments I practiced got my back-side beat and also won.  I loved Kama’s with strings put to music.  I was my voice.  I would sit by the hour looking for the right song to praise God, the right song to point people to my God.  The only problem with this I learned some years later, I was pointed people to God, but I did not take the time myself to come to know Him the way I should.  I would compete, I would give it everything I had to win and yes I won, but I was not doing things in the right way.  I learned this after I lost my grandfather, grandmother, her sister (3 hours after my grandmother), cousins, it seemed like it would not stop.  The more people I lost the more I looked to God, but I should have been looking to him long before this.  You do not say “hey praise God,” and not know who it is you are saying praise to.  This is what I was doing.  So, God got my attention and said “hey if you want others to praise me don’t you think you should know who I am”?


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This is when God provided a way for me to be faced with the gift of my life.  I went to Samoa with YWAM and some amazing people God hand-picked for my life reflected to me a very challenging picture of who I was and I was not that impressed.  I began studding and truly investing in the God that gave me life, truly coming to know Him.  I finished my DTS (disciple training school) and came home.  I do so love my family but that is not why God sent me half around the world to meet Him.  I was unsettled again though I loved my family and all they offered me, I wanted to go and serve God.  I want to chase Him with all my heart, with all my mind, and with all my strength.  There is nothing more important to me the serving the God that gave me life.  There is nothing more important to me than loving God’s creation, helping those I walk side by side with, there is nothing more important to me then learning to serve and love my God more each and every day.  This brings me to what I am doing here today.  I live in MT with Team Xtreme, (an amazing group of people) and we all want the same thing.  To share the love of God and help those in need that cannot help themselves.  In order to do that I need sponsors.  I need others that would like to partner with me to travel to wherever there is a need, serve the need and share God’s whole Word, Share God loves all of us.  Thank you for reading a little bit about me and considering becoming my partner in sharing willing work and the Gospel.  Always in Christ love Joshua Kemnitz