Tua & Patty Meafua both did their Discipleship Training School in 1983 – Tua in Samoa and Patty in Honolulu. Since then, they have served in YWAM in many different capacities; including pioneering new ministries in Samoa, Tonga and Utah and leading DTS programs and outreaches to Asia and the Pacific Region. Tua is also a Leader for Team Xtreme – a YWAM ministry that uses Power Feats to present the Gospel. He has traveled to South Africa, Fiji, Scotland, Egypt, New Zealand, Iraq and many other countries, to present the Gospel to literally thousands of people. They are currently serving with YWAM Tribal Waves on the Flathead Reservation. Tua and Patty are excited to share their lives and experiences with the DTS students and YWAM staff. They now live near Ronan, MT, and have 3 adult children and a granddaughter living in Utah.


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